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Beauty Is More Than Fur Deep. Donations to Cats Protection Throughout September-October.

Summer is gone and Autumn is here, and with a new season comes new products that I am so looking forward to sharing with you! The first of my new products are my miniature feline friends that were made in dedication to cats everywhere. If it wasn't immediately obvious (where have you been!?), I am a big animal lover and once a year I do something completely insane to raise money for the Cats Protection National Cat Adoption Centre at Chelwood Gate in Sussex. Last year it was walking barefoot across flaming beams of wood, this year its something a little less dangerous but just as exciting! I have created a number of miniature soaps in the shape of a black cat to sell with the proceeds going to support cats everywhere.

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Winter is Coming...

As we say goodbye to another summer, we're already a few months ahead of the game and are excited to be bringing you a number of brand new products which will be available for purchase very soon. 

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