Beauty Is More Than Fur Deep. Donations to Cats Protection Throughout September-October.

Published on 3 September 2020 at 19:45

Summer is gone and Autumn is here, and with a new season comes new products that I am so looking forward to sharing with you! The first of my new products are my miniature feline friends that were made in dedication to cats everywhere. If it wasn't immediately obvious (where have you been!?), I am a big animal lover and once a year I do something completely insane to raise money for the Cats Protection National Cat Adoption Centre at Chelwood Gate in Sussex. Last year it was walking barefoot across flaming beams of wood, this year its something a little less dangerous but just as exciting! I have created a number of miniature soaps in the shape of a black cat to sell with the proceeds going to support cats everywhere.


What does your money help to accomplish?


  • £5 allows the centre to buy 10 days worth of formula for an orphaned kitten. 
  • £150 would help a cat get a full health check complete with a blood test, neutering, microchipping and vaccinations.
  • £375 would help the charity to run their low income neutering scheme for a year.
  • £2,500 would feed the population of the National Cat Adoption Centre for an entire year.


The reason for me choosing to make my bars in the shape of a black cat is not because of Halloween. It’s because black cats have a very unfair picture painted of them, which is the same reason that they’re the colour with the lowest adoption rate. In UK folklore, black cats symbolise good luck, whereas in the rest of the world they are believed to be a bad omen and bad luck by the superstitious and in the past this was a big reason that many black cats around the world were not adopted. 


According to Cats Protection, it takes black or black and white cats 13% — Thats an average of 1 week — longer than cats of other colours to find their forever home


43% of cats that are admitted to Battersea every year are black cats, compared to 7% of admissions being ginger.


Now, not only is there the bad omen myths to dispel, but it is believed they’re the least adopted colour because people think they don’t photograph as well as what a ginger, tabby or tortoiseshell cat would. Which, as you can see by my own beautiful clan above, is not the case.


Each 30g bag contains 3 miniature cats with 70p of each sale going towards the fantastic people at Cats Protection to not only thank them for all they do to celebrate our house panthers, and dispel the myths that surrounds them, but also to help them afford food and veterinary treatment for all of the centres occupants. These will run from the beginning September through to the end of October. You can get your limited run house panthers here from today!



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