Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Kyber come from?

I have several answers to this question, some are a bit more embarrassing than others! If you've read my bio you'll know that as well as soap making, I'm mum to many furry friends. Ky comes from Kylo, our youngest (and most mischievous) little cat, and ber comes from Ember, my little dog. I'm also a big sci-fi and in particular, Star Wars, fan and the heart of ones lightsaber is a kyber crystal.

How do you make your soap?

I use two forms of soap making, one is Melt and Pour which is ultimately buying a plain, natural and already formed soap base and adding my own ingredients to it to make it my own. Any manufactured soap base I use has been intensely scrutinised, always includes glycerin and if possible I always opt for SLES/SLS free.


The other form is cold process soap, which is where I make everything myself using my own base oils (argan, coconut etc.), lye and then adding my own essential oils, natural ingredients and colourants. This takes much longer than Melt and Pour but I have a wider control over my ingredients.

How did you get into soap making?

I started for my own, friends and familys benefit. I've had skin conditions all my life that affect my face, my hands and my arms and legs which has at times been quite debilitating and embarrassing. If you have a skin condition you'll know how harsh store bought soap bars can be. Even if you don't have a skin condition we have to remember that our skin is as much of an organ as our heart and lungs are and we need to be gentle with it.

When I began I made standard bars out of plain goats milk soap with no essential oils or colourant and my red, angry and scarred skin began to knit back together almost before my eyes and I haven't looked back. I now want to give the same experience to other people in the same boat.

What kinds of ingredients do you use?

As I said above, when I began to create soap I did so using my own skin as a trial and even though my skin has never been so soft and supple, I ensure every ingredient in any new bar of soap I make is something gentle, natural and benefits your skin in some way. Whether its softening and easing dry skin or whether it's something that has been known to have healing properties, my first priority is ensuring all of my bars are safe for anyone with skin conditions and sensitive skin to use.

My favourite base materials so far have been Goat Milk, Shea Butter and Coconut oil. I only wish I had started long before I actually did!

Are your products vegan?

I'm actively trying to make as many vegan bars as possible and the majority of my bars are vegan. When I create something using a product that isn't vegan, you can be assured that I am always working on a vegan equivalent.

For example, my honey, oat and goat milk bars are not vegan but I am currently working on a new bar using shea butter instead of goat milk and vegan honea instead of honey.

As a lover of animals of all kinds, my second priority is making them as animal and environmentally friendly as possible.

How do you price your products?

The price of my products reflects the quality and quantity of the ingredients I use in my recipes such as oils, lye and loose ingredients for example honey, oats, goat milk. Every ingredient I use has been heavily researched and if possible I always buy local ingredients and support small businesses.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes! I offer free delivery if you live in Brighton and Hove and I can drop your order to you. For the rest of the United Kingdom, offer free delivery over £30. I charge only £2.95 for standard delivery. I also offer 1 day delivery for £6.50 or guaranteed by 1pm for £11.

What type of packaging do you use?

I use environmentally friendly (and recyclable) shrink wrap to keep your products clean, to prevent the soap sweating and to make sure it stays as fresh as possible. I also offer gift wrapping in wax paper if required.