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I’m 27 and a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, I work with animals for a living in various settings and I’m “mum” to eighteen of my own hand reared and rescued fur babies. However, when on my downtime I love nothing more than experimenting and pushing my limits to try new and exciting things with my products.

I've been using my own plain unscented goats milk soap and goat milk and oats bars for a long time to help me cope with my skin problems. I have had severe Eczema since I was young, which got a lot worse when pubescent acne was added to the mix and I’ve always struggled to find soap that is not only safe for sensitive and broken skin but that didn’t break the bank. Because i spend a lot of time working with animals, I am constantly washing my hands in between patients, leaving them dry, cracked and raw but since using my own bars I noticed the moisture returning to my skin, making it clearer, softer and more supple. 


I first began to dabble more with different kinds of soap at the beginning of 2019, when I heard of the benefits different varieties could have for other people with skin disorders and learnt I wasn't the only one that struggled with sore hands when washing frequently. From then on, not only was I benefitting from my new hobby but I found myself coming up with unexpected ideas for the special people in my life. I love nothing more than making personal products that put a smile on peoples faces.

I’ve always been the sort of person that dreams of a future where my job isn’t just a 9 to 5 grind where I couldn’t wait to leave at the end of the day, I wanted the sort of job where I find myself disappointed when its time to clock out. I’m lucky enough to have been doing what I love with animals and their human parents since I became an adult, I’ve even made some lifelong friends and I feel that this is a job for me I never want to end, but I also want to give back to not only the people that have supported me, but to the people who need a little something to put smile on their face on a bad day, or to the people that want to show those they love that they are thinking about them even if, at the moment, they can't see them. Making soap isn’t just a hobby to me anymore, every bar I create is something personal, something that I put my heart and determination into. It’s something to show people that they’re never alone in life.


In addition to creating beautiful soap, I also hand pour my own candles and wax melts. I do this using a variation of beeswax, soy wax and kerasoy wax and cotton wicks.

If it wasn’t obvious by the above, I’m very passionate about animal welfare, so every material I have used or will ever use has not been tested on animals, is palm oil free and are ethically and sustainably sourced. Everything is vegetarian but I am intending on adding to my vegan ranges in the near future.

Even when I’m not in the process of creating, The cogs are always turning. I’m constantly researching new techniques, ingredients, noting down new ideas sometimes into the early hours of the morning. Want something new but doesn’t appear that I sell it? Drop me a message and I will see what i can do.

I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

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