LGBT Soap Gift Box - Vegan - Handcrafted


Our LGBT Gift Box comes with three large bars and four miniature vegan and moisturising bars, perfect for any special occasion or even just as a treat for yourself! Each gift box is filled with shredded paper to pad it out and prevent the bars of soap from moving too much.


Included are the following products:


The Gay Bar - Natural, Vegan 135g - Handcrafted - These are exotic smelling bars of soap containing mango butter, coconut oil and glycerin. Weighing 135g, this is one of our chunkier bars of soap and after being created this summer in honour of the gay pride parades and festivals that couldn't take place and celebrate the #Loveislove movement.


Embrace - Natural, Vegan 117g - Handcrafted - These are our Embrace bars, based on the transgender flag. They have the soft snd subtle fragrance of coconut and leave your hands feeling silky soft after use. The layers are made up of glycerin, coconut oil and within the pink layer is Pink French Clay, making it suitable for most skin types.


Everything’s Coming Up Aces - Natural, Vegan 148g - Handcrafted -

Everything’s Coming Up Aces is modelled on the Asexual flag and has a sweet/candy-like fragrance to it. It's one of our chunkiest bars to date and like our other two LGBT bars, it’s made up of layers using a mixture of glycerin soap, activated charcoal and natural mica powder for colouring.


Miniature Vegan Honeacomb Stacks - Handcrafted - Miniature hexagonal bars of soap made using a mixture of shea butter and glycerin with the addition of Honea, the vegan equivalent of honey. These smell like a jar of honey would and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth, soothing dry skin or any skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis that may be exacerbated by frequent use of hand sanitiser. 


Each cardboard gift box is layered with tissue paper and can be personalised with your own printable message and/or gift wrapped with Christmas, birthday or non specific wrapping paper.